Dog's luxury clothes and accessories

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 “Vinisa fashion house makes available all its knowledge for our dog-friends”

Vinisa presents its creations of luxury clothes and accessories for dogs.
Each model is HAND-MADE and CUSTOM-MADE

“Give high fashion to your faithful companion”

Unique luxury clothes and accessories for dogs

“A Dog has only one aim in its life, give its heart” J.R Ackerley (English author 1896-1967)

To return such intense love, Vinisa fashion house wishes to bring to all our dog friends our French know-how.

All our models of dog clothes, dog collars and leads are created by our French stylist, and are made to order in our workshop in the South of France.

Our wish:

Give to our beloved companions the best, create for them dog clothes and sets of collars and leads custom-made in fine materials, in order to give them unique and hand-made products for their greatest comfort.

Our only aim:

Offer high-fashion to our faithful companions, thanks to our dog stylist, a great lover of the canine race. As a professional she puts all her skill into the creation and manufacturing of the most beautiful accessories for your dog, from the most elegant collar to enhance him, to the loveliest matching lead.

Each model is entirely created and manufactured by our stylist.

Each item of clothing, collar or lead shown can be reproduced as such or customized on request.

See our a creation area where you can work with our stylist to design and manufacture according to your ideas and desires. To do this, go to our page « Vinisa Création »

Our aim: offer you exclusive creations.

For your dog’s comfort and a perfect fit, Vinisa requires all necessary measurements, so we encourage you to use our size guide or to go via our contact page.

We invite you to open an account at the time of your first order, and create a personal index card for your dog for future purchases. In case of changes in your dog’s body size, modifications can be made via the contact page.

Vinisa fashion house offers not just collars and leads, but true artworks.

We bring French elegance to our canine friends with unique creations, that they will be proud to wear, such as luxury jewels.

We propose custom-made products in high-end materials with a quality creating smart and glamourous models.

On our collars and leads page, you can easily order, either a shown model or you can ask our stylist to create an exclusive model for you.

Our creations are made for all dogs, for all are unique companions for their masters, and they deserve unique creations.

From the smaller to the taller, from the younger to the older, all dogs deserve to get our work perfection: Maltese, Chihuahua, Spaniel, Royal poodle, Jack Russell, Pekinese, Volpino, Schnauzer, Pug, Bulldog, Spitz, Shi Tzu, Yorkshire, Coton of Tulear, Toy terrier, and so many others, you will excuse us for not quoting them all !!!

We will guarantee to make every effort to create the most beautiful dog clothes, and the most magnificent sets of collars and leads.

“Because your companion deserves perfection, we put all our knowledge at your disposal”